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The car accessory you have been waiting for!

High quality carabiner clips on the head rest post and freely rotates to the front or back of the seat. The adjustable hooks mean you can accommodate a variety of bags; purses, backpacks, grocery bags, take out food bags, hats, and masks.

Perfectly Designed to

Suit Your Lifestyle

Locker Hooks are portable, weigh next to nothing and are uniquely designed to accommodate both heavy and light items, this product is the perfect companion for all your adventures and the gear required to be at your best!


Fits a full set of adult or youth hockey gear on 6 adjustable hooks

The Tendee

Easily accommodates all of your goalie gear on 7 sets of adjustable hooks


Field or box lacrosse gear will fit perfectly on the 4 sets of adjustable hooks

Car Hooks

Purses, backpacks, groceries and take out food stay organized and dry with Car Hooks


Easily store your kitchen gear or your wet sacs and tent bags on 5 sets of adjustable hooks


Extend the storage capabilities of school lockers with 2 sets of adjustable hooks

Our Story

The concept for Locker Hooks came from many road trips for travel sports. The clutter of gear spread around the room as well as the unique fragrance that permeated the space, left something to be desired. This lightweight, portable and highly effective gear storage solution is a game-changer both at home and wherever the road may take you!

The Perfect Companion

For All Your Stuff

All Locker Hooks come ready to use with the hooks set to accommodate a full set of gear

No set-up required

Each set of hooks packs down to take up as little space as possible

Fits in the palm of your hand

All hooks can be moved around and even turned the other way on the strap to suit your needs

Fully customizable and adjustable

The hooks are engineered to hold a decent amount of gear and stand up to multiple uses

Heavy duty two prong hooks

All parts of the product are functional and the header card can be recycled once you open your hooks set

Zero waste packaging​

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About Locker Hooks

What started as a creative and effective storage solution for sports gear has quickly morphed into being the answer to that timeless question; ‘What Am I Gonna Do With All Of My Stuff?’ Whether you are taking them camping, using them around the workshop, hanging up your valued collectables or preventing your kids’ sports gear from taking over your front halls, Locker Hooks are quickly becoming the answer to all of your storage conundrums.